My Photos

Hi again! Thanks for wanting to check out my photos. For a long while I was afraid to share them because I had this irrational fear that someone would insidiously profit off of my creativity. I have since decided that I no longer want to live with this fear and am committed to sharing my photography. Maybe it happened because I realized the true cruelty of the world when a Brazilian Maroon 5 fan club stole my crisp images of Adam Levine from the Overexposed World Tour without giving me any credit. 

I have studied photography for 2 years, starting with film, and volunteered in local communities to capture events happening around the city and even got to be featured at a local museum. Such pursuit may seem simple and meaningless, nevertheless photography helps document our lives in the 21st century. One day, future humans will be intrigued by how we lived life at the turn of the millennia. My images are but submissions to the time capsule that is the internet.

teardrops of vancouver.jpg