Welcome to my little slice of the internet!


In all honesty, this website has been in limbo ever since I bought the domain. I will never be happy with my page as UI/X is currently not my specialty, but it's next on my list of things to learn. So bear with me! 

International is my middle name. Born and raised in Iran, my family and I left my home country to start a new life in Canada. I grew up struggling to fit in with the culture, hating myself for being different. My identity was convoluted, I would be Canadian at school but Iranian at home. After many years of growing up in a foreign country and overcoming sociocultural challenges, not that that has stopped, I was accepted into one of Canada's top universities to study commerce in their competitive BComm program. 

Throughout my studies I heavily experienced imposter syndrome. Whatever I had done, it did not seem to even compare to others' accomplishments in their internships, projects, competitions, etc. and felt that I had nothing to show for. In this digital era, we have easy access to others' personal and professional lives and a strong, innate need to compare ourselves. 

Seeking a change, I moved to a country I had never visited before, and lived there for nearly a year. I studied Japanese language, culture, and business at Keio University in Tokyo. Moving away gave me a chance to reflect on my life and establish an outlook for the future. My anxiety quite literally disappeared on that overnight direct flight. Meeting with students from all over the world solidified my interest in international business. 

When finishing my last semester, people kept asking me what I wanted to do after university. Although I have ideas, especially with my diverse background, my future is very uncertain. I hope to one day work as a project or product manager in the technology industry. People often compliment how well-rounded I am. I speak 4 languages, coach Ultimate Frisbee, I produce digital media, I excel in academics, I love to cook, I play video games, I work hard, and I teach others whenever I can. I am quite literally, "Jack of all trades, master of none." 

So what is this website about? To introduce myself to you, showcase my work, and remind myself that I have something to offer the chaotic world we live in.

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